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  • Advising on foreign investment

    • 11/05/2018
    • Luật sư Nguyễn Mạnh Tuấn
    • Advising on foreign invested projects, investment projects, joint venture company’s establishment, wholly foreign owned company’s establishment, business co-operation contracts,etc.


    1.  Consultancy of investment project, procedure for investment certificate of domestic and foreign invested projects.

    +   To advise on procedure for renting the land in and outside industrial zone, export processing zone, economic zone.

    +   To advise on investment project dossier (application for investment certificate, investmentproject feasibility study report, rules, contracts, etc.)

    +   To advise on investment certificate for wholly foreign owned company, joint venture company.

    +   To advise on procedures for investment preference.

    2Consultancy of branch establishment, representative office of foreign trader.

    +   To give legal advise for foreign investor.

    +   To advise on company establishment  for investor.

    +   To advise on obtaining the license certificate for branch, representative office.

    +   To advise on procedures for investment certificate and relevant procedures.

    3.  Consultancy ofpost-licensing procedures.

    +   To advise on building license;

    +   To advise on tax procedure, labor, finance;

    +   To advise on other procedures related to project implementing.

    4.  Consultancy of market information and investment opportunity connection.

    +   Providing market information;

    +   Introducing and connecting investment opportunities...;

    +   Seeking investment opportunities;

    +   Enterprise purchase supporting.

    5.  Post establishment support services.

    +   To advise on procedure of granting and expanding visa;

    +   To advise on labor certificate for foreign worker;

    +   To advise on enumerating of social insurance, health insurance for foreigner;

    +   To advise on domain registration  for enterprise;

    +   To advise on email registration for company.

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