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Consultancy of Commercial Disputes

In the time of global economic integration, commercial disputes between parties in transactions are unavoidable because of big differences in trade practices, cultures and legal frameworks.

Being lawyers of MinhGia Lawfirm, we have been acting as mediators between parties to negotiate and resolve disputes on the ground of mutual benefits while saving time and costs, enabling cooperation, keeping business information strictly confidential.

However, in many cases, the parties come to court. For these cases, we act as clients’ representative to settle their disputes. For major commercial disputes, our lawyers and legal experts from specialized areas of laws work together in teams to protect clients’ rights and benefits.

With experience and expertise we have managed to settle many commercial disputes including the most complicated ones and bring about success to our clients who are either plaintiffs or defendants.

MinhGia Lawfirm can help clients resolve commercial disputes between individuals and organizations relating to:

- Trade in goods;

- Provision of services;

- Distribution;

- Representation;

- Agents;

- Lease and rental;

- Construction;

- Transportation of passengers and commodity;

- Intellectual property and technology transfer;

- Establishment and transformation of companies.

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