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Advising about adjusting the investment certificate

Adjusting the permit of investment is complicated procedure and goes through many different steps. Minh Gia Law Firm that has the status is the professional solicitor will advise the business about the procedure of adjusting the permit of investment as follows:

A. The method of advising:

- Advising directly and implementing the legal service at the office;

- Advising through switchboard of advising law 1900.6169 and through mailbox

B. The content of advising:

1.  Advising law’s provisions to each adjustment content, in details :

- Changing the name of company;

- Changing the address of the headquarter, Fax, Email, Website …;

- Changing the business career, includes: Advising the business career, advising  business career additionally;

- Advising of changing the charter capital;

- Changing the representative under the business’s law;

- Changing the representative’s position under the business’s law;

- Changing members,shareholders of company;

- Changing personal information of member, shareholder of company;

- Advising of converting the form of investment, converting the type of business;

- Advising of establishing company’s  branches;

- Advising of establishing the representative office;

- Advising of making the business location;

- Advising problems that are related to internal of business (the clay model and the organizational structure, the method of operating and controling, the relationship between managerial positions, rights and obligations of the members / shareholders, the rate and the method of contributing capital, other related contents);

- Completing files about adjusting the permit of investment that includes: Advising and completing the report about meeting founders before adjusting,the decision of adjusting,the proposal of adjusting, the investor ’s decision about adjustment and other related documents;

- Advising other related contents;

2. Implementing works under authorization

Minh Gia Law Firm implements works under the authorization of customer at State organs that have authorization to register  adjustment of  the investment certificate as required. The content of works is implemented as follows:

- Representing for customers to submit, withdraw, receive adjusted files of adjustment of  the investment certificate  investment certificate at the Department of Planning and Investment;

- Monitoring the disposing process and announcing the result of submitted file;

- Receiving the adjusted certificate of investment at the Department of planning and investment;

- Conducting  the procedure of submitting the registered and carved seal- file and  contact to carving seal  for the business at organ that has authorization ( if under the condition that engraved legal man’s seal again);

- Receiving the  certificate of seal sample and the seal of business(Staff of Minh Gia Law Firm will come along with the business owner to present at the police office to implement above works);

- Conducting the procedure of registering  tax-code change and the importing and exporting function for the business.

3. Advising after adjusting:

- Providing law documents as required (through email);

- Compiling business’s internal files that includes: Charter, Report of capital contribution to establish the company, electing president, delegating legal representative, Decision of Director Appointment,  Decision of Chief Accountant appointment, The certificate of ownership of shares,  shareholders/members, notice of forming book of shareholders / members…;

- Advising other related issues.

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