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  • Advising about asking for granting the investment permit

    • 27/02/2015
    • Luật sư Nguyễn Mạnh Tuấn
    • The business that has the foreign-investment capital in VietNam was established on the basis of foreign organizations, personals having the demand of establishing the company with 100% the foreign-investment capital, cooperating with VN organizations, personals to establish the joint-venture company.

    Minh Gia Law Firm - with the aim: helping business men to start doing  business quickly and smoothly. Our advisory service is carried out as following:

    A. The advisory method:

    +   Advising directly and implementing the law principle service at office;

    +   Advising through switchboard of advising law 1900.6169 and through mailbox [email protected]

    B.  The advisory content:

    1.  Advising the law to each kind of business,in detail:

    +   Choosing the kind of business;

    +   Clay model and structure of business organization;

    +   The activity and operating method;

    +   Advising the law principle about the relationship between management’s positions;

    +   Rights and obligation of members/ shareholders;

    +   Advising the rate and the method of capital contribution;

    +   Advising ways of sharing profits and disposing  arising obligations;

    +   Advising other related contents;

    2.  Searching the law principle file, guiding-explaining the investment law, the business and other related documents,  supporting customers.

    +   On the basis of requirements and materials that customers provide,we will analyze, judge the legality, the conformity with the requirement of doing the works;

    +   In the case, the customer needs the lawyer participating in negotiation, meeting to exchange with the partner of customer in establishing the company, we will arrange, ensure the participation as required;

    +   We  represent customers to translate, notarize related papers;

    3.  Completing the file of establishing the business and asking for granting the investment certificate :

    +   Advising and completing a report about meeting the founders before establishing;

    +   Advising and completing the Business cooperation contract/the joint venture contract;

    +   Registered document/suggesting to grant the investment certificate;

    +   Forming the investment project;

    +   Advising and compiling the company charter;

    +   Compiling  the list of members/the list of shareholders;

    +   The authorized document;

    +   Notarizing related documents;

    +   Other related documents.

    4.  Representing of implementing procedures:

    +    Conducting about  applying the file to ask for granting the investment certificate;

    +   Monitoring, conducting, disposing and announcing the result of the applied file;

    +   Receiving the investment certificate at the Department of  Planning and Investment;

    +   Conducting about applying the sealed and registered file and  contact to carving seal  for the business;

    +   Receiving the registered certificate of seal sample and the seal company (Staff of Minh Gia Law firm will come along with the business owner to present at one department - the Department of Planning and Investment to work on);

    +   Conducting the procedure that is registered tariff code for the business.

    5.  Advising after establishing:

    +   Compiling the law principle file for the business;

    +   Providing the related law document as required;

    +   Guiding the procedure about tariff and enumerating tariff;

    +   Guiding procedures before operation at the company headquarter…

    Contact to Minh Gia Law Company to require advice

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