LS Nguyễn Mạnh Tuấn

New regulations on registration of permanent residence in central cities

According to Decree 31/2014 / ND-CP detailing a number of articles and enforcement measures Residence Law takes effect from the date of 15/6, citizens temporarily residing meet the following three conditions shall be registered residing in central cities.

The first is lawful domicile in central cities. It may be owned, used by citizens or agencies, organizations and individuals for rent, lend, give thanks in accordance with the law. It must ensure that the conditions of the average area under the regulations.

Secondly there is the continuous period of temporary residence in central cities from a year or more in the case of permanent residence registration in districts, towns and cities directly under the Central Government; two years or more in the case of permanent residence registration in the county of the city directly under the Central Government. Where continuous shelter at different places, the sojourn time constant is calculated by the total time at the place of temporary residence there.

Third place is recommended for permanent residence registration is temporarily residing place.

Particularly for permanent registration in Hanoi city will comply with the provisions of Law Capital and documents guiding the implementation of the Law on the Capital.