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The lawyer service in the civil field

Minh Gia Law Firm deputes a lawyer who participates in litigation, protects rights and legal advantages for the person concerned and other litigable participants in civil cases has the status as a protector of rights and legal advantages or authorized representative

Advising and implementing legal services in the civil field and civil litigation, in detail:

A. The implementary method:

- Advising directly and implementing the legal service at the office;

- Advising through switchboard of advising law 19006169 and through mailbox

B. The content of litigable lawyer service:

1. Civil disputes:

- Disputing about nationlaty;

- Disputing about property rights;

- Disputing about the civil contract;

- Disputing about intellectual property of rights and technological transfer;

- Disputing about inheritance;

- Disputing about compensation for damage outside the contract;

- Disputing about using land of rights and property attached to land;

- The dispute related to journalistic activity;

- Other disputes about civilian that law has provision;

2. Civil requirements

- Requiring declaration and voiding declaration about a person who without the capacity for civil act or is limited the capactity for civil act;

- Requiring announcement about seeking the absent person at the residence and managing that person’s property;

- Requiring declaration and voiding determinative declaration about a person dead;

- Requiring recognition or no requirement and permitting for execution in judgment Viet Nam , civil decision of foreign court;

- Other requirements about civilian that law has provision;

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