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Permits for foreign labor (Work permit)

According to the Labor Code and Circular No. 08 dated March 29, 2000 of Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social guidance for work permit (GPLD) the alien to work regularly for business, personal organization of Vietnam or the enterprises invested by foreigners have work permit of this level.

A. Records include:

Work permit to be granted The employer (business) must send a dossier to the state agency is authorized by the (Department of Labor).

1.  Documentation of the employer:

- An application for work permit for foreigner;

-  A copy of the certificate of business registration, licensing or the establishment and operation license branches and representative offices in Vietnam by the competent authorities of Vietnam issued, certified by notary ;

- Written by the competent authority for recruitment of foreigners in accordance with Decree 58/CP of the Government on March 6, 1993;

-  A copy of the labor contract already signed for a limited period with the employer or decision sent to work in Vietnam by the foreign country, or the text of the employer on estimated contract or the right to election is expected to work in Vietnam.

2. Papers of foreign laborers, including:

-  An application for work permit in Vietnam

- Judicial form of judicial office where foreigners residing in Vietnam are granted. Case of foreigners who are residing abroad, the vote make by the judicial authorities in foreign countries

- Copy of certificate of professional qualifications skilled foreigners, including: a university degree or equivalent or above, or a certificate of skilled foreigners by the competent authorities of that country level. Working with the artisans, if no certificate, they must have self commented on professional qualifications, skill is the competent authority of the country where that person is a national certification;

- Certificate of health by the hospital provincial level or higher, or certificate issued by foreign countries. Health certificate valid within 6 months from date of issue;

- Certificate 5 years experience in the country of guests

- Passport + Visa (true copy)

- Curriculum vitae free art color photo 3x4

- Application legalized Consulate in Vietnam (forms obtained at the consulate)

- 3 new 3x4 color photos taken.

With regulations, you can not apply for work permits that must be through the employer.

B. Temporary Residence Card

(Valid for directors, investors)

1. Ministry permits companies including true copies - Business Registration - Registration form and sign the signature form - certificate of tax code

2. Attorney of the company

3. Paper introduces the company

4. Passport still valid 6 month up

5. 4 photo cards 3 x 4 white background.

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