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Consultancy of enterprise

MinhGia Law firm provides information about the legal system, interprets legal regulations and orients enterprises to align them with anticipated changes prepared for by changes in laws.

And Based on current legal regulations, socio-economic activities and business practices of companies, our lawyers offer creative legal solutions that bring about enormous benefits preventing legal risks and disputes in the future.

There are even more added values other than that: 

- Our legal consultancy can assure legality of decisions taken by enterprises and safeguard benefits which are brought about by those decisions.

- Thanks to the deep and broad knowledge of the legal system and being updated with changes in business laws, our lawyers can help enterprises grasp new business opportunities enabled by the laws. With this reason, our advice can be good for your business competitive advantage.

- Profit is what any business aims at but even more important than that is legal security. Without legal knowledge, companies are threatened by risks, and doing business illegally, the profits gained can be taken away by the legal system. Strongly believing in our role to help enterprises understand laws and to align them along the ‘legal corridor’, MinhGia Lawfirm always deserves clients’ trust.

Belows are areas of frequent consultancy service for enterprises:

Areas of consultancy: enterprise, investment, trade, civil, criminal, administration, taxation, customs, labor, intellectual property and land etc. Specific services:

1.  Enterprise establishment:

- Identification of enterprise type, name, headquaters, charter fund, business lines etc.;

- Consultancy about application procedures for enterprise establishment;

- Admendment of business licenses;

- Opening of branches and representative offices;

- Enterprise transformation;

- Enterprise merger, acquisition and dissolution.

2.  Enterprise’s stablity

- Preparation of enterprise management papers (working regulations, collective labor agreement etc.);

- Consultancy about organization structure;

- Consultancy about accounting, financial and taxation issues;

- Consultancy about preparation of official documents for enterprise;

- Consultancy about contracts including preparation and negotiation;

- Consultancy about settling interntal labor and commercial disputes;

- Consultancy about litigation procedures;

- Provision of legal documents.

3.  Regular legal consultancy for enterprises;

4.  Representing enterprises in all legal affairs.

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