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    • 27/02/2015
    • Luật sư Nguyễn Mạnh Tuấn
    • MinhGia Law firm act as representative or defender of the persons involved. In working with clients, firstly, we explain to them their rights and obligations, then undertaking analysis for them to see advantages and disadvantages whether brought to court, arbitration or simply negotiation with the other party.

    Coming to us, negotiation and reconciliation are considered highly for civil disputes. Because it should be much simpler, more effective in both cost and time and the parties can avoid complicated court procedures and any possible damages to the mutual relationship and cooperation.

    We always take every opportunity to negotiate, discuss for reaching agreement which can bring about enormous benefits to both sides, meeting the demands of  economic, social and political terms.

    In case, the dispute must be brought to court, our lawyers assist clients in submitting petitions, in collecting and consolidating evidence. Finding evidence and carefully preparing for each stage of case which plays the most important role for triumph.

    At court, MinhGia Lawfirm raise intelligent questions, give sharp comments and present persuasive arguments to protect client’s rights and benefits. In any role as either representative or defender, we always make clients totally trust and fully satisfied.

    Various types of civil cases which are involved by us as below:

    +   Disputes between individuals over Vietnamese nationality;

    +   Disputes over ownership of assets;

    +   Disputes over civil contracts;

    +   Disputes over intellectual property and technology transfer;

    +   Disputes over inheritance of assets;

    +   Disputes over compensation for damages outside contract;

    +   Disputes over land use right and assets related to the land;

    +   Disputes over journalism practice in accordance with laws;

    +   Other civil disputes or other clients’ requests regulated by laws.

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