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    • 28/02/2015
    • Luật sư Nguyễn Mạnh Tuấn
    • M&A is a most effective method for enterprises to expand their scale, market shares and control the market. With in-depth experience in enterprise legislation consultancy, MinhGia Lawfirm will consult comprehensive solutions on M&A quickly and conveniently, creating the most effectiveness to related parties.

    Consultancy scope:  

    +   Selecting M&A method;

    +   Conducting due diligence to the M&A enterprise, including legal dossier, financial status, auditing and tax finalisation;  

    +   Enterprise valuation;

    +   Drafting legislation profile, M&A contract and agreement;

    +   Being representative of clients for negotiating M&A issues; and

    +   Amending the enterprise’s business registration after M&A.

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