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The field of operation

Minh Gia Law Firm provides the legal service in fields: criminnal affairs, civilian, economy, aministration, labour, land, marriage and family…In addition to, we advise legal rules that are realated to tariff individuals, businesses, foreign investment, commerce, finance,bank…specifically:

1. Advising the law

- Advising the contract: Civilian, Business-commerce;

- Advising the business:  Advising establishment, reorganization, internal management, sale, merger, separation, dissolution or bankruptcy…the business has investment in domestic and foreign;

- Advising the intellectual property: Advising, representing customers who register copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs.. and a lot of problems in intellectual property;

- Advising the law: About finance, bank, tariff, import and export, land, dwelling, inheritance, marriage and family, labour, aministration…

Besides, Minh Gia Law expands legal advice of service through switchboard 19006216 with the advisory motto”Serve Dedicatedly”, all legal questions will be dedicatedly and thoughtfully answered by experienced lawyers and legal experts.

2. Participating in the litigation

- Participating in the litigation to defend who is in custody, the accused, the indictee in criminal cases

- Participating in the litigation to protect rights and legal benefits for the people concerned in incidents: civilian, marriage and family, business -commerce, land, labour, aministration…

- Representing under the authorization of the people concerned to participate in the litigation

3. Representing the extrajudicial

4. Realizing other legal services:

- Compiling documents, letters, contracts, will, testified in the civil transactions…

- The public aministration of service as required.


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