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General introduction

Minh Gia Law Firm that is belonged to Bar Association in HaNoi city is established and operates under the operation registration of certificate which has number: 01020716/TP/ĐKHĐ is issued by the judical department in HaNoi city

Minh Gia Law’s operation of motto is whole-hearted to customer and devoted to work ; completes service according to schedule and requirement. We always fully recognize the responsibility, our professional conscience and commit to continuously improve the quality of service in legal consultancy activities as well as protect right and legitimate interests of individual, organization, business under the provisions of law

Minh Gia Law’s striking feature is various sphere of action in different aspects. There are legal consultancy activities and extrajudical representation such as: compiling all types of documents, contracts, wills,business legal advices, laws about contract, intellectual property, foreign investment, regular advice for business, participants in proceedings of activities to protect rights and legal benefits of individual, organization at courts at all levels in casses: criminnal affairs, civilian, economy, labour, aministration, marriage and family, land….

The strength of Minh Gia Law Firm is combination between knowledge, professional skill and experience….of veteran lawyers with young lawyers who are active, flair, enthusiastic. Besides, our style of scientific work and profession always make customers convinced when choosing legal services.

To highly meet and support problems which customers care,Minh Gia Law realizes optimization of information processing,exchanges information through media such as: webside, email, telephone, fax,…, along with  equipment of systems which are qualified, suitable to condition, requirement of each customer. Besides, Minh Gia Law expands legal advice through switchboard 19006216. With the advisory motto:” Serve Dedicatedly”, all legal questions will be  dedicatedly and thoughfully answered by experienced lawyers and legal experts of Minh Gia Law.

Thus, Minh Gia Law Firm has been gradually asserted that is one of law practice of organizations which has prestige in providing legal services to individuals, organizations and businesses in the country and abroad.



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